Vietnamese Lunar New Year Holidays –Traditional customs to start investing activities in the new year.

Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the longest and the most important holiday in our culture, starting from 07/02/2016 until 02/14/2016. Even after the Lunar New Year holiday, most of business from small business to investment activities will celebrate the first day of operation as a symbol of lucky in the new year. Thus, the opening day of store or office, the first transaction after holiday are carefully selected to be a good day based on lunar calendar and ancient directions.Even numerous transactions are prepared from choosing partners to symbolic value, carrying our hope about a prosperous and well-going new year.

For the whole first months of lunar calendar (from 08/02/2016 to 08/03/2016), most business and investment activity willbe often delayed or occur in the lower speed than normal. The businessmen/women and investors frequently spend time for trips in the spring to praise for healthy, luck and so on. Several places are believed to be sacredsuch as: Ba Chua Kho Temple – Bac Ninh (please for buds, or borrowing spiritual money); the Yen Tu peak – QuangNinh Province (1,068m peaks from sea level, where the King Tran Nhan Tong rejected throne to pursuit and then establish Vietnamese Buddhism); Perfume Pagoda – HoaBinh Province; Den Ong Bay – Lao Cai Province; PhuTay Ho – Hanoi, etc. Visiting to these places not only satisfies Vietnamese spiritual needs with various cultural activities but also brings to visitor breathtaking landscapes and sightseeing through the country.

As a small gift to foreign investors, honors to share prominent signs and customs of Vietnamese culturefor the end of 2015 and wish all of investors good luck in 2016.