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Vietnam Risk Information GateAs an emerging stock market with full of investing opportunities and potential prospect, Vietnam is evaluated as one of the most attractive market in Asia by a wide range of personal investors and investment institutions from other countries.

However, investing in Vietnam stock market is challenging as investors need to ask themselves about intrinsic of the target enterprises and current situation of the investment field that they want to put your money in. Have you ever confused between the core issues of your targets in reality and the publicly available figures and information? Have you found an optimal portfolio for your objectives that others has to desire for? To balance with the risks, investment opportunities in the developing market are various and attractive that could bring abnormal profits for any investors.

RiskInfo.vn is the first website in Vietnam that aims to share professional analysis based on independent perspectives about the risk in Vietnam stock market.

“Identifying risk is the key for your victory”

  • What is the topic!

“Topic Section of RiskInfo.vn will gather and generalize key information, analysis and independent perspectives about potential risks in Vietnam market that might relate to policy changes, macroeconomic situation, financial market, real estate market, and other relevant issues.”

  • Types of risks:

“The section is the general newsletters monthly or unusually that classifies risks into different categories. The risks albeit mostly happened, might repeat in the market, recognizing and reminding investors of the risks will influence their investment objectives again.”

  • Hot news:

“RiskInfo.vn focuses on updating hot and sensational news on the market that might have significant influences on investors.”

  • Investment Corner (HAND FUND):

“A place to share independent investment perspectives, summarize successful portfolios, or failed experiences of both individual and institutional investors in Vietnam market. Content is performed by HandFund of RiskInfo.vn.”