Vietnam’s stock market started year of the monkey conveniently.

We can say Vietnam’s stock market has been very fortunate to not be affected by a downturn week of the global stock market (from 8 Feb 2016 to 14 Feb 2016). Althoughth ,starting in 2016 is risky due to the impact from the decline of global stock markets, oil prices, foreign net selling, and so on.

VNIndex confirmed the support 510 points to be verry strong within over 2 years. This is the 5th time the VN-Index falls to 510-515 points since 13May2014. The stock market has bondced back when the VN-Index hit 513 points on 18 Jan 2016 to now.

Thus, the views of was quite cautious and observing only, although know that VN-Index attracted when it hit 510 points fllow “2016 VnIndex beginning risky” . missed opportunity to short-term profit about 20% in energy, rubber stocks, v. v.

VnIndex have two weeks of year of the monkey conveniently, from 544 points to 566 points. is waiting an appropriate time to enter the market, just join the market adjust . May be RiskInfo has to ignore this bull market.