SSI is not the best choice for individual investors.

SSI is a leading share of securities stocks, on the Vietnam securities market, with outstanding shares are 480,057,361shares, market capitalization is about 9.600 billions VND (436 millions USD).

Major shareholders of SSI are holding about 45%, to be portfolio of Foreign Institutional Investors. But SSI don’t have its own identity, can not create a separate stories and mutations to have phases of growth stocks. In Which, When the market are dropped then it is also not safe stock.SSI usually only good growth phase when the market is in a strong growth phase. In the last 3 years, SSI are trading in a range between 17.000 VND / share – VND30.000 / share. When it reached around 27.000 VND/ share – 30.000VND shares then investors have to wait patiently for the discounted price on 17.000 VND/ share – VND20.000 / share before you can expect a cycle its new growth.

When SSI increases, the market there are many opportunities for investors. So, SSI is not the best choice for individual investors.