To build illegally to then unload on zero !

The 8B Le Truc buiding is in the center of Hanoi, Ba Dinh District and “Dien Vien Thon” project is Ba Vi, Ha Noi, they are becoming popular because of illegal construction that nobody knows. The constructions was existence, The 8B Le Truc buiding has 19 floors, “Dien Vien Thon” project has been a village, with nearly 60 villas were sold and bussiness travel seen 2012. Suddenly , today, the media, authorities said that they are illegal buildings.

  • The 8BLeTruc buidinghas exceededthe height inbuilding permit16m, equivalent to5floors. On 6 March 2016, the buildingscoerced tolifted05 floors.
  • The “Dien Vien Thon” projectcovers approximately4hais locatedin Ba Vi,Hanoi, towas startedin 2008, to completed about 60 villas builton the architecture ofthe villages of Vietnam, but they have neverbeen licensedconstruction, even the authoritiesdo not knowwhothe investorsare. AccordingVTV1newsletteron 7 March 2016, the project will alsohave tounload. Froma wastelandsuddenlyturn into valuable village. Whetherthe lifting ofthevillaimmediately are an actition of wastage?

In Vietnam, this satus is not just stopping at the two projects mentioned above, even it is a familiar phenomenon as “work ahead, license behind”. This is common risks for estate projects in Vietnam, is a risk for the economy when dealing with the consequences of measures “for all on zero”.